This is a paragraph rant!This is a paragraph rant!This is a paragraph rant!

Here's where's to write about really annoying situations we find in this world at this present moment. Unlucky for us. Luckily we can write it on pages like these in an attempt to open up conversations a bit different to "normal" in our modern day societies.

Here are a few examples:

30.4.21 (Something from break time!) Did this really happen?
Did a virus come along and start whipping people at their feet,
without any help from the mainstream media fleet?
Think about it now- just what would there have been
in terms of panic and anxiety in society,
if it wasn't for Gates and Murdoch's teams ready at the "crime scenes"?
What would you have seen?
If it wasn't for your TV screens telling you to feel the fear,
constantly reminding you that a "big bad virus" is here,
can you honestly say that you would have still felt an earnest need
to wear a mask and be scared just to breath?
Who is pulling the wool over your eyes?
Who is the saviour in disguise?

...Less than 24 hours after writing I saw this: rant

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