I like solutions!

Here's how you can make "bold" statements and make a difference in the world by just making a difference to what you do in your world.

1. Hope

What is consciousness?

Whilst continuing to connect up the dots...this tribe, although not really what I have in mind for my sort of evolution, it is interesting as a concept for an app. Although it may not be an app based on data-for-commerce analysis (or maybe it is?!) and they seem to be coming from the plea to better human relations, I'm not sure that I believe how much of the answer could lie in yet another app without risking people going only further into the tunnel?

Learn a bit more about frequencies and connect some more dots.
Sleep well and get enough of it. Prepare yourself throughout the day to make sure you get the best nights sleep! If you can't get to sleep, you have prepared to fail!

Much love for Ami El NiƱo De Las Estrellas by Enrique Barrios. (English version)

Here's what I am mainly interested in sharing and recieving knowledge about (for the moment):

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