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2020. The year that every parallel and extremity was at full exposure and yet, at the same time "nothing happened".
Let's try not to remain calm nor confused > Time magazine even decided to put the names of people like Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro on the same list of "influential people" as Nemonte Nenquimo. If this is a mainstream magazine's way of "doing their bit to help a good cause" then it is a very poor effort. (This is just a brief example as to how MAINSTREAM MEDIA is being created in a way that CONFUSES US.) If it's mainstream it's FAKE. No more of this backwards/foorwards rubbish, please. Know what is what.

Note: sure if you understand? See creative destruction. You only have to start playing out the scenario in your head of this bunch of cronies working together (Event 201 anyone?):
- So just how do we get millions of people to not come together and overcome our plans for world dominance when it becomes apparent that it is our plan?
- Well, if we can make them believe that they have a highly contagious, deadly virus, nobody will want to go anywhere near other members of their family, never mind strangers!

If you're still not sure about what's going on, wait till the feeling of creeping normality sets in, then ask yourself what has really happened to society?
- What's that you say? Wikipedia is full of shit? Can't trust what is written on there? Where else would you find that sort of fear-mongering vocabulary presented as if it has always been there and you are the ignorant party for not being aware of its presence.

My question is: WHY do we allow it?

Coronacircus website in English/Spanish/German with interesting articles if you still want to carry on reading documents about what has been happening recently on this planet.

"Lest We Forget"- this guy - Julian Assange. Just because they don't write about him in the newspapers it doesn't mean nothing is happening to him. Here are the papers submitted by the defence for the court hearing at the Old Bailey in London, in November. This is more than just media gossip. What is happening with this guy seems to have consequences for the rest of us (call it the "butterfly effect") and we aren't going to discuss it?

Certain things appear to be "tell-tale" signs that your species seriously should get it's act together:

- What's that app that you could really do without? - Oh yeah, Whatsapp.
(A false sense of) dependance on an app was created for the masses, to generate (a false sense of) power and (a false sense of) wealth for a few people. Does that seem like an app that benefits it's users? Shall we begin to talk about the effect that it has on a society as the people become more interested in their "online" interactions and phone calls than what they experience in the world where your body is physically present? What app(s) allows your person[ality] be molded into whatever suits the ones who are paying for the advertisements?
Here is a well written article that updates the argument about how this app is getting away with manipulating our human identity.

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