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- 1. Work on and improve communication; deliver and recieve information effectively; careful timing.
FuckoffGoogle get straight to the point. In short, resist the faketechGods if you care about yourself, others, the world, either present day or the future.
- So, why not try an alternative? Duckduckgo, Gibiru, Swisscows (family-oriented) to name just a few.

Where one stands with "technology" - This(PDF) on the Internet and rationale for free expression seems to have been forgotten about already.Interesting.
- This makes me think to Jaron Lanier, the "VR daddy" who now makes money selling books about how social media is actually ruining our lives. Thanks for the information! So...borrow "10 Arguments for Deleting your Social Media Accounts Right Now" from your library (if they don't have it tell them they should get it) for just a few very valid arguments supported by statistics and information about how the algorithms that are most likely ruling over your life at the moment work to ensure that a bunch full of people make a lot of profit and you get to forget who you really are.
The Social Media Psychologist blog is pretty self-explanatory too. When you find yourself lost on social media again, try and think about what you are really doing to yourself.
There once was a saying that "ignorance is bliss." I guess it was probably created by the same people who created the likes of Gafam. With such intense communications networks in place we have ended up so disconnected from what truly IS.

See Reporters without Borders . Support journalists, their fight for free press and human rights.

Also off-guardian.org
Founded by people who were struck off (censored) by The Guardian newspaper. Based in US, UK and Europe.
...and consortiumnews.com for more independant news.

Stuff To Blow Your Mind has a few interesting conversations with topics regarding humans, AI and questioning where are future lies.

Read an interesting theatre play from 100 years ago: R.U.R (Rossum's Universal Robots) .

Work Ethic from Genghis Kahn: Any action committed in anger is an action doomed to failure.

"One who smiles rather than rages is always stronger" Japanese proverb (These proverbs don't come about from nothing. Maybe we should take this in mind for our future.)

More to come soon...This is always a work in progress.